Australia’s Top Outdoor Activities

Australia is an adventure delight with so much to do. The bustling coastline, sprawling outback and mild climate year-round lures travellers from around the world with the endless list of outdoor activities both on land and the sea. Here we have rounded up some adventure activities for you to add to your list on your trip down under.

  • Sydney Bridge Climb

Standing atop the Sydney Harbor Bridge is one of the most iconic tourist attractions which spark the senses. Get the amazing view of the glittering harbor wriggles and coils along the coast, let salty sea air bristle your skin and feel the splendour of the stunning city.

  • Ride the Horizontal Falls

Horizontal Falls deep in the Kimberley region offers an adrenaline-soaked adventure. A seaplane will carry you to the spectacular Buccaneer Archipelago where you can see red cliffs along the coast. Then take a jet boat from Talbot Bay and skid across the glassy and calm waters through the seething Horizontal Falls.

  • Franklin River Raft

The mighty Franklin River gushing through Tasmania’s ravishing World Heritage Area is the setting for one of the world’s great rafting adventures. Trips usually range from 5-10 days and run the entire 125 km length of the river to Gordon River through pristine wilderness of tanquil pools and roiling rapids.

  • Journey to Centre of Earth

Hancock Gorge looks like it has been cleaved from the earth, twisting through Pilbara Hills and drops dramatically into darkness. Clamber down the ladders bolted to rock walls and then walk the creek and then swim through cold chest-deep water to a pebbly beach. From here advance with hand and foot holds on rock ledges and finally into an emerald pool.

  • Abseil in the Blue Mountains

Sliding down the sheer face of a limestone cliff into the misty blue haze of a World Heritage wilderness area is an unforgettable experience. Blue Mountain National Park, about 50 km from Sydney is one of the city’s top day trips encompassing the iconic Three Sister rock pinnacles, waterfalls, plunging valleys and eucalyptus forests.

The above-mentioned are few of Australia’s outdoor activities.